Truck Mechanical Workshop Management

Application made for a Mechanical Workshop of vehicles, specialized in repairing Trucks. The program manages the data of customers, suppliers, articles and employees. It also offers statistics of delivery notes and invoices, and a list of results.

The following explains the application in more detail:

The management of clients, apart from the data of filiation, foresees that a client has several vehicles, so that for each vehicle the application registers diverse sheets of work, sheets of assistance, it also allows to make budgets, proforma invoices, delivery notes, invoices, notes, to have different forms of payment, and to take a control of the payments.

The management of suppliers apart from the data of affiliation and notes, also allows to register the form of payment and the corresponding delivery notes.

For the management of the employees, the program allows you to enter the filiation data and the payments made, for several reasons.

For article management, you enter the reference, the price of the article, a description, the quantity for the minimum stock, and the current stock.

The listings menu allows you to obtain delivery notes and invoices by customer, by date and outstanding invoices. In addition it facilitates the expirations that it has for supplier and its delivery notes. Finally a list to see the annual result of the management.

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Spanish. It can be translated into another languages and customized. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.