Training in computer software: Introduction, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Project. In any version and at any level.

Our experience in training has been widely developed, especially developed to managers and professionals at 40 years old average and agenda problems. We also offer courses for groups, always focused to the needs of the company.

Our strategy is based on patience and on being at the pace of our students. In addition, we prefer to give a practical orientation to our training, with exercises based on applications of the students day to day work. We deliver a manual for each course and student.

Personalised treatment.
Courses in blocks of 10, 15, 20 and 24 h. (as requested)
Thematic courses (tailored to your needs and summarized) with manual and attendance certificate.
Solutions to specific problems.
Software demonstrations.
Reports on knowledge, profitability and use of computing resources.
Addressed to:
People who know computer programs, want to manage other programs.
Business, Administrative, Technical, Professional and Management.
Beginners, who want to introduce in the world of computing.
People who have learned by themselves and want to improve their knowledge.
People, know the program and need to improve their knowledge to a more advanced level.
New people in the company who have to learn to use and optimize the programs of their environment.
Dynamic method, with examples of interest for the student to participate actively.
Small groups and private classes.
Teachers with experience in the business environment.
Flexible schedules.
Main objectives:
To know the basic concepts of the PC, its lexicon and the services provided.
To know the operating systems, at user level, without complications.
To know how to use office applications with ease:
Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentations, Graphics, Internet, e-mail, etc.
How to exchange information between different applications.
Set the base that will allow you to have the necessary criteria in choosing the most appropriate tool for your jobs, according to market offer.
Courses in the client’s offices with their own computers.
Courses in the client’s offices with laptops brought by our center.
Courses in our center, forming a particular, homogeneous group.
Courses in our center, with heterogeneous groups.
Courses in a hotel meeting room or similar space, with laptops installed by our center.
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