Development of APP’s (specific applications for mobile phones).

  • We give shape to your idea: customized solutions, analyzing your needs and advising you (discover how we can help you).

  • Specialists in iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • We use the latest technologies to carry out a multiplatform development (computer, Tablet, SmartPhone, iWatch, etc.). We apply flexible models.

  • Agile development methods (we show the level of development in stages).

  • Multidisciplinary team (trained engineers).

  • Continuous development (continued attention to your project, collect the opinion of the clients, track the metrics, assess and propose the application of updates, in order to make your project evolve).

  • These actions we already carry out with our developments and we extend them for the APP’s, and also, we help you to look for subsidies for your project.

Esquema desarrollo APP FRM