About FRM

FRM Formació i Programació, S.L. was set up in 1.994, with the aim of providing training services, taking advantage of the personal experience of those who form it. We use our computer skills as a competitive advantage.

Our experience in training introduced us in the development of applications, since many of our students requested customized applications, due to their lack of time or dedication. When internet emerged, and based on our experience, we expanded our services with the development of web pages.

Currently programming and development of website pages, are usually linked, in most of the projects for our clients, designing management applications, which are presented and used as websites, for the internal management of companies, both locally and remote.

We are truly satisfied with our evolution and we hope you will continue sharing it with our customers. You can learn more about our good work by visiting our website.

Ferran Rivas

Ferran Rivas – CEO