Time and Attendance Management in Industrial Company

An industrial company, specialized in Boilermaking and Metal Constructions, that already had a program made to their needs, with the management of Clients, Suppliers, Work Orders (OT in Spanish) and Material Orders, asked us to fix some forms that did not give correct results and asked us for an extension of the program, with a Control of Presence or Management of the Hours worked by the operators.

We show in more detail, the part of the application, in which we made our intervention:

For the management of the Presence Control, we created a calendar in which the operator should mark the holidays of the year. Once marked, it is saved and established for later management:

Subsequently, we can obtain a monthly list by employee, with the OT, the hours performed, the Type of hours and their Cost. Once you see the result, there is a button to assign the hours performed by each operator:

In addition we created a form for the summary of the hours worked. The table shows, the day, the Normal Hours worked, the Overtime, Hours worked on Holidays, Total Hours worked, Total Hour Cost, Type of Attendance, Number of OT, Diets, Supplements, Km. Facts, Cost Km., Total Cost Km.:

For the Work Orders, the application has a search engine that shows by Client, the OT carried out:

From the same form, you create or edit the OT:

and in them you can charge costs:

Finally, the program has a search engine for suppliers, with the material they provide. Once found, you can display the corresponding OT, Invoice or Delivery Note:

and a search engine for Materials by Supplier, providing the data of the OT, the Delivery Note, the Invoice, the corresponding dates, quantities, prices, etc.:

The application is very complete, with tabs for employees, suppliers, customers, consumables and attendance types. There are also lists of delivery notes and invoices from suppliers and lists as a summary of the OT, by customer.

Application made with Access. To use this application you need the MS Access program. The application is made in Spanish language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.