Survey Management

This application was created on behalf of a company that conducts surveys on consumer products. The aim is to record the surveys and report the results of the surveys.

The application has master files to register, the data of the products on which the surveys are carried out, the families in which these products are grouped, the sectors to which the companies belong, the data of the clients who request the surveys, the data of the stores in which the surveys are carried out, the areas or cities, and the names of the chains to which the stores surveyed belong:

Next we find the management of the surveys, with:

  • List of surveys carried out:

  • Section for the creation of new surveys.
  • Data entry for a survey. First select the survey, the area and the product family, and then perform the data entry, designed with a form as a data sheet:

  • Obtaining print from surveys:

Reports can then be obtained by applying a pre-filter:

Also complementary reports, with a different pre-filter:

Finally, reports of TAM (Annual Average Rate) averages, through a previous filter, different from the previous ones:

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. In Spanish language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.