Some of our projects

We have developed applications for:

Libraries, Associations, Analytical Management in a Construction Co., Data Bases for Mailings, Law Firms (fiscal, commercial and labour areas), Horse Stables management (agendas for food, training, veterinarians, medication, accounting control of expenses, etc.), Schools with control of students by course and classes, Management for Automotive Supplies, Medical Management for Surgery, Medical management for a Image Diagnostical Center, Statistics in Internal Medicine, Statistics in Traumatology, Care services Management, Truck Mechanical Workshop Management, Recipes of Kitchen, Antique Shops Management, etc.

Integrated management applications:

  • Photo machine technical services Management, with delivery notes, invoicing, purchases, stock, order control, statistics, import and export data to an IBM AS/400 computer.

  • Statistical management on Public lighting maintenance companies. (Connection to BDSQL for data collection, processing and report preparation).

  • Production Management for a digital photo company: Reception of orders, customer management, incident control, design of shipping sheets with bar codes, bar code reading for receiving shipments, internet access for each customer in order to show the status of their order relationship.

  • Management of Vehicles in assignment, for departments or press offices of car manufacturers, with graphic agenda per vehicle, reservations, authorizations, park control and location, billing and statistics: by means, journalist and publications on vehicles tested (reputation management). Also by vehicle, by brand, by model, by motor, etc.

  • Medical Resource Management (ERP) in Surgical Dermatology where they perform various laser treatments. It includes an agenda that offers availability according to the resources to be used (doctor, therapist, assistant, device, room, etc.) and shows graphically, mixing the resources or separately, their level of occupation. Easy and fast data entry. Performs medical management of patients, invoicing, analytical and general accounting. Includes a module to comply Data Protection Law with patients. It also has a photo file for the treatments applied to each patient.

  • Application for Work Orders control: data entry, control of hours and costs, reports and statistics. For various delegations and resources.

  • Management application for companies that perform the Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) of other companies. It manages this client data, centers and delegations, with information on the number of workers and the modalities that hire them at the level of Technical Specialties and Health Surveillance. It also incorporates information about service invoicing by client. It generates all the necessary lists for the presentation to official institutions and control of invoicing and accounting. It also imports / exports data to other applications (health surveillance programs, accounting programs). It includes contract management, to combine the same with customer data and document management of all documents.

  • Connection to SAP to update database made in MS Access, for human resources department.

  • Application to extract statistics from a data change control program.

  • Applications for a bicycle parking data management, including the sale of several types of subscriptions and added services (repair shop, showers, towels, soap, etc.). It was carried out for a company located in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Developments in Spreadsheets according to the specifications of our clients: