Positioning and visibility on the Internet: SEO, SEM and SMO.


There are three strategies that FRM Formació i Programació, S.L. applies to its customers, to increase the visibility in Internet search engines:

Firstly, probably the most creative one, is SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Study the web content, to adapt it to the way of working of the search engine, so that content appears in the first positions, always with a free positioning.

Scheme SEO

The second strategy is SEM: Search Engine Marketing. In this case, it is necessary to pay to have a better position. These are the first pages that appear shaded or highlighted, for example, in Google. No matter what happens, they will always appear when entering the words we want to search. These pages have not yet paid, for being there, but they do it when someone clicks on the link. You pay for the value of the words and they are ordered depending on the amount they pay (auction concept).

The third strategy is SMO: Social Media Optimization. This is what the Community Manager does. The objective is to optimize virtual marketing strategies and, manage social networks and online communities. Our task ranges from the advice of your Community Manager, marking strategies to improve and increase the growth of your followers, to directly perform work in social networks. Our collaboration can also include marketing advice to your company, applied to internet.