Photographic Services Management

This is a custom-made application for a company that makes photographic reports of newborn babies in different settings, including within the same clinical/hospital enclosure of the birth.

This application is used to control all the production, administrative and commercial management of their services: entry of customer data, reception of the spools delivered by the photographers, control of the developing of the photos (delivery and reception to the laboratories), commercial management of the sales of these photos (reports and orders), commercial management for the sale of other articles (replacements), commercial control of the sellers (commissions, stock and deposits), and data management of the Hospitals, Laboratories, Photographers and Commercials. The application also carries out the control of stock, orders to suppliers and data from them, especially those relating to the items involved in production.

The following explains the application in more detail:

The main management begins with the management of photographic reports. This management has a succession of steps:

  • Initially the data is introduced generating a list of shots, to locate the place, identify the photographer and the amount of spools used. Then the reports made on each shot are specified and finally the reels are assigned to a developing laboratory:

  • There is a search engine for reports by shot, for when the reports are returned, once the process of developing is finished. The search engine has a filter that allows you to select by reel number, report number, customer name, place of the report, by photographer, between shipping dates, etc.:

  • The order is then prepared. The order specifies the data relating to the “List of Orders per Take”, the “Basic Data” of the order (location, photographer, seller, customer, etc.), and the “Composition and Quality” of the report:

  • The order can then be extended with other services (Order and Reorder). In this point four sections are shown, in which we recover the basic “Data” of the order, the “Initial Order” that we increase adding more “Lines to the Reorder” with other articles, we see the “Totals” of the order and we establish the “Form of payment” and the accounting notes:

  • An order finder is available that displays open, closed, cancelled orders and has a filter to find them by reel number, report, by customer, by photographer, location, shooting date, etc.:

  • Reports are assigned to a salesperson for follow-up. It is also possible to change the seller and search for unassigned reports. There is also a filter that allows you to search for orders by several criteria:

  • The management is completed with the export of data to an accounting program and with the import of unpaid debts, from the accounting program.

In the application we find a secondary management to introduce the data of the Clients, Photographers, Hospitals, Laboratories, Suppliers, Orders to suppliers, Control of the stock and sellers:

  • Customers: Customer Finder, File with their filiation data and cross-referenced data from Reports, Orders and Historical accounting, by customer.

  • Photographers:

    • Photographers searcher:

    • File (with their affiliation data, Hospitals assigned, Absence dates, Activity detail, Activity summary):

    • Production and expenses: monthly data related to their reports and the hospital, the same data between dates, monthly presence of the photographer, analysis by regions, payrolls:

    • Substitution of photographers:

    • Control of their stock.
    • Quality of their reports.
    • Historical accountant related to the photographer.
  • Health centres:

    • Health centres searcher:

    • Data from Hospitals (Affiliation data, Contacts, Statistics of births per month):

    • Contact data (Filiation data, contact finder):

  • Developing laboratories: developer laboratory finder, file with filiation data, contact data, laboratory contact finder, control of spools sent and pending to be processed, cancellation of the development of a report, accounting history relating to laboratories.

  • Suppliers: Supplier finder, file with affiliation data, contact data, supplier contact finder, articles supplied (crossed data from article files, grouped by supplier), accounting history relating to suppliers.

  • Orders to Suppliers: Cross-data from orders placed by customers, grouped by supplier.
  • Central stock: Stock of the company and location, as it has a central warehouse, but in addition each photographer and salesman, can have a part of this stock (deposits).
  • Salesmen: Seller search engine, file with filiation data, control of your stock, list of clients assigned by salesman, accounting history relative to the salesmen, and state of the sale by salesman.

Finally and to complete the application, we find the auxiliary files (masters), where we find the article file, quality parameters for cataloguing the photographs, also for the report, positions that occupy the contacts, models for the letters that are sent to customers and contacts, postal codes, expense concepts, financial entities, sales states, holidays for the photographers, payment methods, reproduction expenses, transport expenses, etc.

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Spanish language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.