Management to perform Castings

Program to record the data of people who present themselves for a casting. We have made four different versions. One was for a local television channel and the other three for an advertising agency. The interesting thing about these programs is that some of them are connected to a video camera to capture images, being able to record a video or just freeze an image of the person who participates in the casting. Of the versions made, we show two different examples that we explain below.

Example with link to video camera for image capture, incorporated in the tab. In this case, the program shows a card divided into four sections and a filter for the list of ratings:

  • Personal data and image capture:

  • More data (data of the company that may be related to the person who presents himself to the càsting):

  • Visual aspects and assessment:

  • Knowledge (results to questions asked, punctuation and comments):

  • List of interviews carried out:

Example with different and simpler approach, without video camera capture:

  • We found a search engine for casting participants:

  • The card with personal data, which includes valuations, but does not include the capture of the image. In this case, a tape number and a code are entered, because the video record, in this case, is done separately:

  • Listing and letter management section to send to selected and rejected persons:

Applications made with Access and linked to Word. To use this application you need MS Access and MS Word. The examples shown are in Catalan (1st case) and Spanish (2nd case) languages. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.