Management of Repairs (in household claims)

This is an application for a company that performs home repairs, and works for insurance companies, which pass the parts of the claims occurred. The program allows you to enter the worksheets, record data of the insurers, managers, experts, subscribers of the corresponding companies, and also those affected by the incident that may be neighbors affected by a water leak, and so on. In addition, it carries out the invoicing corresponding to the work carried out and the export of these invoices to the different insurance companies via the Internet.

Here we explain a little more detail of the application:

As mentioned before, the application registers the data of the insurance companies’ managers. There is a search engine for Managers, and once the file of the management company has been found, it is shown with its various sections (basic data, data on their contacts, insurance companies with which they work, experts who work with them, and subscribers, customers who have had some intervention):

The application has a section to find the contacts corresponding to the managers and a form to show/edit the data of the contacts:

The same happens with insurance companies, we have a search engine to find the corresponding file, and once found, the data are shown separately in four sections (basic data, contacts data of the company, experts who work with it, and their subscribers, customers of these insurers, who have made some intervention):

There is also a section to search for the contacts, corresponding to the insurers and a form, to show the data of the contacts:

To register the data of the experts, we have a search engine and a card with their basic data, and the list of managers and/or insurers with whom you work:

Subscribers, customers of insurers and managers (indirectly) are also recorded in the database. The application has a search engine and when a new one is found or registered, the card is divided into five sections (data of the subscriber, contacts or relatives of the subscriber, history of the subscriber, affected parties, interventions carried out):

For those affected by the claim, the application has a separate treatment, with a search engine for their records and a separate form for their data:

The company carrying out the repairs must have employees and/or collaborators with whom it carries out the work. To do this, the application has a search engine for employees, a card for their data and the interventions in which they have participated:

and for collaborators, there is also a search engine, and a more complex file, with basic data, their employees or assistants, and interventions they have made:

For internal administration, the application has an overview of the worksheets. It consists of a search engine that has four sections (open, canceled, closed, closed and uninvoiced worksheets):

The worksheets are made up of various sections (basic data, hours worked, internal description of the work, material used to settle the claim, work carried out and follow-up, which is the report sent to the insurers and/or management companies):

Finally, the application allows you to invoice finished worksheets, manage issued invoices, perform employee payrolls, export invoices to insurance companies and/or management companies, and make control and media lists:

Application made in 2005 with Access, but in 2009 it was reworked with Visual.Net and Access database. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Catalan. It can be adapted to a SQL database. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious. The images correspond to the application made with Visual.Net.