Management for Psychologists Association

Program to collect the data of members, subscribers to publications or participants to the conferences given by the association. The data collected are from individuals, institutions, schools and companies. Fields are established that will be used to carry out filters and all the activities and conferences carried out will be collected in order to relate them to the attendees. Finally, the accounting management and issuance of bank receipts is carried out for the adhered associates who pay a quota.

The following explains the application in more detail:

The main management allows you to edit the data of members, use the search engine and its filters, make lists and issue bank receipts:

The members’ file is divided into several sections. The first consists of the basic data:

Data on the relationship with the association:

Activities in which the associate have participated:

Analyst and supervisors assigned to every associated:

Accounting data, on the fees, courses or days you have paid:

In order to communicate with associates, a search engine is available:

in which we find a powerful filter, which allows the selection of several simultaneous conditions. The objective is to be able to send advertising or information in the most detailed way possible, to members who may be interested in specific topics:

There is also a section of auxiliary files to complete the application, among which are “model letters” (templates) for sending correspondence or advertising, list of activities, bank data to issue receipts, zip codes, tariffs, etc.:

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Catalan language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.