Excel spreadsheet for calculating layoff costs

It is a spreadsheet, focused as a template to calculate the costs by suspension of salary, in situations that can involve one or more workers.

We put up two sheets, one to calculate the cost of the suspension. We show an image:

Another one, to know the cost of the suspension which is passed on to the INEM (National Institute of Employment in Spain) and the totals. We show an image:

Later, we made a variant, which combined the costs of the company and the INEM. We show an image:

These templates are useful for employment lawyers and social graduates. The red color of the cells indicates which are editable, the rest of the cells are blocked and show the result of the calculations.

Application made with Excel. To use this application you need to have the MS Excel program. The application is made in Catalan language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.