Dowry Management for Religious Congregations

This is a very simple application that has to record the filiation data of the Sisters of a Religious Congregation, divided into: Administrative Data, Positions that they develop in their community and Documents that they contribute for their Dowry.

The programme is explained in more detail below:

In the Administrative Data file, their affiliation data are entered, and also the most significant dates for the Sisters are taken into account: entry into the Postulate, Novitiate, First Vows, Perpetual Profession and Death, together with the Population and Province in which each event took place.
Apart from these data, there are fields to expose your studies upon entering, carried out in the Congregation and languages that she speaks and read:

In the tab of Positions the different positions that each Sister has held are introduced, with the dates from, to, the population where they were held and a field for brief notes:

In the Documents file, the dates of the Assignment of rents, the Holograph in favour of whom, the Renunciation of capital in favour of whom and the Notarial Testament, before that Notary and in favour of whom:

The application has a search engine to find the cards quickly:

It is also possible to obtain a list of the Sisters, by Destination Population:

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Spanish language, but it can be translated into another languages and customized. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.