Documentary management for Occupational Risk Prevention Contracts (ORP)

We carry out the document management as an extension of an application initiated by us and detailed in the section “Management for Occupational Risk Prevention Contracts”, for:

  • the combination with client and contract data, with a model contract.
  • facilitating the safeguarding and tracing of contracts signed by clients.
  • carry out contract renewals.

Below we explain in a little more detail, these points:

The company has several models of contracts, more than 180, which it uses to combine the data of its clients, according to the options they contract and for each delegation. To facilitate this combination of data, we created a form that presents the list of contract models and allows the combination of data and document, for a single contract, or for a group of contracts. Contract templates are prepared with a Crystal Reports editor.

The program allows you to select a client by his contract number, his VAT, his client code or by his fiscal name. To select a group of clients, you can filter by client code, by end of contract date, by province, by autonomous community or for all clients or prospects.

The result is displayed as a list on the screen, so that the operator can select all the records shown, or only those that interest him/her.

The combination can result in a Word document, a PDF document, an XLS document or an RTF document.

Gestion PRL Combinacion Documentos

The documents signed by the customers are scanned. Our program has a utility that, based on the contract number, deposits your images in a folder on the server. They can then be retrieved, by searching for the same contract number, directly on the server, or from our application, in the “Contract Monitoring” section.

For this management, the part of the contract form and its follow-up was modified. Allowing each client to obtain their own contracts, within their own file.

Gestion PRL Documentos Relacionados

Customer contracts are renewed on an annual basis. The program allows individual or collective renewal, filtering by various parameters. When the program shows the list of companies to be renewed, the operator can select all or several clients, before carrying out the renewal. In order to carry out the renewal, a price increase can be applied, based on the CPI, or it can be renewed without applying any increase:

Gestion PRL Renovacion Contratos

The combination of documents, which can also be done from each client’s contract section, also allows certificates to be obtained, so that the client can prove that they have their coverage up to date.

Application made with Visual.Net and SQL database. To use this application it is necessary to have the SQL Express database (minimum). The application is made in Spanish language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.