Data transfer from SAP to Access

The personnel department of a multinational company asked us to create a customised programme to transfer data from their SAP application to a small Access database.

The personnel department uses the Access database, for its statistics and training activities. But the data is updated centrally in their SAP application. Therefore, the data transfer, allows the constant updating of their Access database.

To carry out this program, we coordinated with the SAP programmers, who generated an export file, with the data that the personnel department had requested. This file was created with a very specific format. On our side, our program reads the data and inserts it into one or more tables in the Access database.

The program works in a batch process, running every day at a certain time.

The program does not have forms, it only generates a report regarding the transfer of data, to notify if it has been correct, or if there has been any incidence. In case of an incident, it shows the record that causes the problem.

Application made with Visual.Net.