Commercial Management for Cocktail Bar

Program to register customer data, in order to maintain their loyalty. It is a matter of storing data, in order to later carry out commercial actions. For example, to send them a commercial letter, or to print the data on labels that are then attached to the envelopes, to facilitate the sending of commercial actions.

The application has a client search engine, a file with the data of the companies, data of the contacts of these companies, of individuals, listings of the same ones, and the link of the data with Word, to send commercial letters or to make labels. It is an application to facilitate the combination of data between Access and Word.

At the level of auxiliary files, we have data related to activities, zip codes, contact positions, model letters to be sent to customers, etc.

We show some images of the application:

Application made with Access and linked to Word. To use this application you need to have MS Access and MS Word. Made in Spanish language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.