Commercial Management for a company of accessories and equipment for opticians

Application for the prospection and commercial management of clients. It has a complete file for companies, with a section for the history of visits made and another for the contacts of each company. The file, apart from the necessary fields, incorporates a field of activity and another in case it belongs to a group of companies.

The structure and design of the data was personalized according to the client’s needs.

The objective of the application is to control the management and commercial prospecting, and to carry out commercial actions that allow sending letters, using filters.

We show some details of the application:

The company’s file, presents the filiation data, the history of visits and the list of contacts in three tabs, so that the information is better presented:

The Contacts tab shows the various contacts of each company in the form of a list, with fields that allow you to determine whether or not they should be included in commercial communications:

The contact’s file, apart from the filiation data, includes fields to know their preferential language, to send the letters in the corresponding language:

A company search engine is also available:

And a contact search engine, which also serves to execute the combination of letters, labels or simple listings. In addition, in the search engine, apart from the filters that allow us to limit the list of contacts, at the end, there is a field to mark certain contacts, to which finally the letters will be sent:

Apart from the possibilities offered by company and contact search engines, there is a listings section that allows you to obtain lists of companies, according to their activity, town or group to which they belong:

Finally, the program has a section of auxiliary files, in which the way to greet contacts, the treatment given to them, the activities, the groups of companies, the languages and the positions they may have in a company are established. It also establishes the postal codes, towns and provinces, plus the different models of letter that you want to use, even if they are only for one time:

Application made with Access. To use this application you need MS Access and MS Word. The application is made in Catalan language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.