CLP Labels Management for Chemical Products

A Chemical Products company, carried out by the hand of one of its workers, a program of labels, to stick them on the packaging of products sent to clients. These labels indicate the degree of danger or corrosion of the products they manufacture. Our intervention was to expand and change the program for issuing labels, making a more professional presentation and adding different formats of labels, until the present day, with the CLP label regulations promoted by the European Agency for Chemicals Substances and Mixtures (ECHA) and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

The program has a part of product management and another part of auxiliary files (masters).

Product management is divided into five tabs: Product, Security, Technical Documentation, TPC and Analysis. In each section different aspects are defined for each product.

We show the Product and Analysis tabs:

In the application, it is also possible to maintain auxiliary files: product groups, families, subfamilies, phrases that are printed on labels, pictograms and analysis texts:

The final objective of the application is to print the CLP label of the product that has been manufactured, at the time of its preparation, to identify it and stick it on the package. We show a generic example of a fictitious product, with different pictograms:

CLP Label

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Spanish language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.