Clinical Management for HIV Treatment

This application performs a complete clinical management, in the treatment of HIV. It was created for a congregation of Religious Sisters, located in Cameroon, so that they could manage their dispensary.

The program includes patient affiliation data, health history, laboratory test results, screening and follow-up of pregnant women, baby data and follow-up, and HIV monitoring in men or non-pregnant women. At the statistical level, it provides the necessary information, collected by health authorities in Cameroon.

We show images of the application and explain it in more detail:

Patient search, by Name, Profession or Town:

Filiation file, which takes into account the family situation, whether you are monogamous or polygamous, time spent with your partner, previous partners, children, and number of your partner’s file, among other data:

Clinical histories of the patient, where the antecedents are collected, the interventions, and if they have suffered from anaemia, adenopathies, etc. More data is also taken, if the patient is a woman and she is pregnant:

The results of the laboratory:

In the case of pregnant women, there is a follow-up:

If the patient has her baby during treatment, she is followed:

If the patients are men, or women who are not pregnant, there is another form to follow their treatment:

The statistics cover nine different types:

We highlight the following. Monthly HIV test:

Monthly, with the number of people receiving retroviral treatment:

Number of people monitored annually under the PMTCT programme:

Annual statistics for HIV testing:

Monthly summary sheet:

Annual statistics according to the PTME program:

Monthly statistics for HIV PMTCT+:

The application has auxiliary files, to record medical antecedents, interventions, types of relationships, professions, position of the fetus before birth and symptoms for HIV testing:

Application made with Access. To use this application you need the MS Access program. The application is made in French language. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.