Bicycle parking management, repair shop, lockers and showers

A company located in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), asked us for a custom application, to manage a bicycle parking. The application should also include the offer of shower service and locker rental. In addition, as extra services, it offers towels, soap to the customers and repairs or maintenance of the bicycles. It also has vending machines for beverages and pastries.

To manage all these services, the application has a main management and an auxiliary one, and it is prepared to work with several computers, located in the reception and exit area of the parking lot, in the changing room area and in the administration area.

In the main management we solve the service of parking of bicycles, the rent of lockers and the service of showers. We also provide for the billing of various products or services, for the repair of a puncture, the non-return of towels, non-returned shower card, sale of soap, etc.

In the auxiliary management, we find the service of the contracted bonds and the control of the time consumed, of these bonds. There is also the control of available and occupied parking spaces, as well as the control of ticket offices. Finally, in this part of the application we find the rates applied to these services.

Bicycle parking management

The application is explained in more detail below:

Initially, clients must register to enter the bicycle parking area. If the client already exists, the program displays a search engine to facilitate access to the data:

Bicycle parking management client search engine

The client’s file includes their basic data, their image captured with a webcam and the basic data of their bicycle, also with an image of the same, taking advantage of the webcam. It is possible for the client to have several bicycles:

Bicycle parking management client file

In addition, along with the client’s data, we write down the bonus that is contracted, which includes the dates that the service will last and a history of contracted bonuses, with the days used in each:

Bicycle parking management client bond

To enter the parking lot, the program issues a tiket, with basic data about the bicycle and the bond contracted, plus a bar code, to facilitate its subsequent location and identification. On the screen, the programme shows the image of the client and the bicycle, to facilitate visual identification:

Bicycle parking management tiket entry

At the time of exit from the parking lot, a barcode reader will facilitate the identification and location of the bicycle. In the form, the application shows the image of the bicycle, the user and the data of the bonus updated to the consumption made, plus the detail of its invoicing:

Bicycle parking management tiket output

In the section of the auxiliary files, we find the control of parking spaces and occupied or free lockers, plus the price tables or bonds that the client can contract, plus the prices for the extra services or products ( workshop themes, soap, towels, dispenser cards, etc.). In addition, the application includes a calendar, to determine the working days and differentiate them from public holidays. Finally, data regarding the colours of the bicycles, brands and models are also introduced. In addition, postal codes, neighbourhoods, states, professions, etc.:

Bicycle parking management auxiliar files

Application made with Visual.Net and SQL database. In order to use this application it is necessary to have at least the SQL Express version. The application is made in Portuguese language. It can be translated and adapted. Note: The data and pictures inserted in the images are fictitious.