Application for self-evaluation training, in web format

Application made as if it were a web page. It is a program that allows the introduction of diverse contents, with the objective that it serves to carry out self-evaluation courses. In the example we show, it is relative to the occupational risks of a company. The programme allows the introduction of an infinite number of subjects or areas. In the example, we show five topics: general information, electricity, air conditioning, fire and energy.

The programme shows for each area, an Explanation or Topic part, a test and the results.

The application also controls the users that have to connect, making the score of the tests, for each one of them.

Here is a few additional details:

In order to enter the application, it is necessary to log in. Each student will have a username and password. When they log in, the programme will register their activity:

Self-evaluation training Log in

Once registered, the programme shows the several topics or content areas of the training:

All areas repeat the same scheme. That is, there is an area of study, a test and the results obtained:

Self-evaluation training Course List

In the section of the course, the student will find all the explanatory text, relative to the area they have chosen. This text can be accompanied by images or diagrams, to make it more illustrative:

Self-evaluation training General course

Once the student has read all the documentation, if they are able to answer the test, they can proceed to take the exam. The test is a form, which sets out several questions, on the subject set out in the previous section. Each question has several listed answers. The student must check the box corresponding to the correct answer. In addition, the programme provides a limited time to answer the test. In this case, it is 300 seconds. When the student finishes, in order to save his answers, he must press the “Test finished” button:

Self-evaluation training Topic

The student can take the tests, with no limit on repetition. Each one of them collects a score, according to the answers indicated in the test. The programme shows the different results obtained, in each repetition:

Self-evaluation training Ratings

In this way, each area repeats the same scheme, so that we have for each student, different topics or contents, the corresponding tests with their answers and the list of scores of the tests they have taken in each area.

A backoffice is also available, to enter the course contents, test questions, register users and view statistics of their results.

Application made with Visual.Net and SQL. The application is made in Spanish language. It can be translated and adapted. Note: The data and images inserted in the images are fictitious.