Antique Shops Management

Application to manage the purchase/sale of antiques, their repair and restoration. It deals with the purchase of articles, their restoration, with the detail of the work carried out and costs, and finally its sale. The application includes the basic accounting notes (it is not an official accounting), for the control of income and expenses. Below we explain a broader detail of the program:

Main Management:

    • Purchase/Sale:
      • Data relating to the article (code, category, description, acquisition and sale dates, purchase costs, restoration costs, sale price, customer to which the article is sold, real value of the sale and margin obtained, control of total collection or partial, and final).

    • Restorations:
      • Data relating to the restoration (article, client, description, restoration work, delivery date, budget, hourly price, hours invested, amount of restoration, extra material amount, final price, transport cost, etc.).
      • Detail of the restoration (daily relative to the piece, with date and time dedicated).
      • Utility to group dedicated hours between dates and calculate the price of the restoration.
      • Extra expenses in the restoration (description and price).

    • Accounting notes (items and counterparts, amount in credit and debit, notes, etc.).

Auxiliary files (masters):

    • Articles (categories).

    • Clients (affiliation and fiscal data).

  • Postal Codes and Countries.
  • Items (accounting concepts).
  • Suppliers (affiliation data and category articles that it supplies).

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Catalan. It can be translated into another languages and customized. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.