Accounting Portfolio Management

It is a simple program to make the accounting entries (of income and payments) with the gross amount, and breaking down the net amount and taxes. Each entry also takes into account the payment or collection period. It is focused on making forecasts of payments and collections. It allows to print separately, the relation of all the collections, all the payments and the taxes.

The programme is explained in more detail below:

The main management is used to make the annotations and to search for them:

To make annotations, we have a form with two tabs, one for annotations and another to edit the generated notes. When we make an annotation, the entry of the annotation establishes the date of the annotation, the date of the invoice or receipt, the concept, the financial entity for which the payment or collection will be made, and the periods or expirations of the invoice, plus any comments that may be necessary.

According to the periods or expirations, the program shows in the periods tab, the generated notes, in other words, if there are three expirations, it will generate three notes. These entries are edited directly to specify the amounts of each due date (net collection or net payment and taxes). The total amount of collection or payment is calculated automatically.

The application has a note search engine. It allows to filter between dates (of the annotation or of the invoice/receipt), by concept and by financial entity. It is also used to manage notes, as they are revised with bank statements, to mark them as annotated or as paid or entered:

There is a section for the maintenance of auxiliary files (masters):

Make lists for collections, payments and taxes:

Application made with Access. To use this application it is necessary to have the MS Access program. The application is made in Catalan language, but it can be translated into another languages and customized. Note: The data inserted in the images are fictitious.